Our primary business objective is to generate stable cash ­flow and over the long-term to provide returns to our unitholders by executing the following business strategies:

Maintain Existing Production
We look to maintain or enhance our production from our operated properties through re-completions, development drilling and other engineering practices.

Ensure Financial Flexibility
Maintain a conservative capital structure to ensure financial ­flexibility for opportunistic acquisitions; and

Reduce Commodity Price Risk
Hedge a portion of our production when opportune times arise to reduce the volatility in our revenues resulting from changes in natural gas and oil prices.

We believe our competitive strengths position us to successfully execute our business strategies. Our competitive strengths include:

  • Our high-quality, long-lived reserve base with predictable decline rates and an estimated reserve life of approximately 13 years;
  • Our inventory of low risk, low cost development drilling locations, which provides us with multiple years of development opportunities;
  • Our geographically diversified reserve base comprised of ten regions within the continental U.S.